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Product and Service Innovation Drives Transformation

May 16, 2018
Incumbents in industries as diverse as banking, retail and auto manufacturing are being left behind by disrupters whose innovative products and services are making life better for customers.
Business & Industry Insights

How Well Do You Know Your Key Donors?

May 15, 2018
From removing names on buildings to “refreshing” the board of trustees, public institutions are experiencing the risky side of accepting donations and appointing trustees.

Avoiding the Abyss: How to buy distressed assets in Germany

May 14, 2018
In today’s world, the ability to move money around the globe with relative ease, combined with increasing competition among investors who require double-digit returns, has made Europe—and more specifically, Germany—an attractive venue for purchasing assets.
Business & Industry Insights

Unlocking Value in Retail Restructuring

May 9, 2018
Listen to Richard Fleming, European Head of Restructuring, give a summary on why the retail sector is struggling and why bricks and mortar in particular is under pressure.